Consulting & General Support

Project management

We have a team of project managers with many years of experience managing projects in the microfinance industry. With previous experience gained from some of the world’s top consultancy firms including Anderson Consulting, IBM and PWC, our project managers also bring a broad set of skills to meet the unique demands of managing projects in the microfinance sector.

Business analysis

MicroPlanet works with clients to identify their business needs and propose ways in which technology can assist in meeting those needs. We have skilled business analysts who are experienced in gathering requirements, documenting workflows and creating technical specifications.

System Testing

Making sure that our solutions will work in the many differing environments of the microfinance sector means that thorough testing is key to our success.  Our resource centre based in Denver has a fully operational test lab that allows us to simulate real-world environments for testing purposes. This gives us the ability to implement solutions with a high level of confidence that they will be fully functional and “fit for purpose”.


Our skilled trainers can provide training for all levels within an MFI’s organization. We specialize in end-user training but can also provide tailor-made training to meet specific needs. In particular, we are able to provide training in the following areas:

  1. Core Banking Software system administration

  2. Core Banking Software end-user training

  3. Linux & Windows training

Help Desk and Incident Management

MicroPlanet provides a full Help Desk support team with many years of troubleshooting experience, allowing them to deal with both minor and major issues quickly and effectively.  Our approach is to give our partners greater control over how we handle support issues, which we accomplish through our online incident tracking system.  This system allows partner MFIs to inform us, prioritize and track any Help Desk issues as they arise.  We also provide our partners’ local staff with our extensive online knowledge base, a useful resource that contains solutions to past Help Desk issues as well as time-saving tips and tricks.


Several of our clients have asked us to provide them with a low cost, scalable and flexible solution for helping them manage their customer relationships. Our solution is a customer relationship management platform (CRM) that we have designed specifically for the microfinance industry. Whether the need is to track information about existing customers or seek out new opportunities with potential customers, our CRM solution provides the power to work effectively to target and manage a growing microfinance population.  This CRM solution can also be fully integrated into the Temenos T24 core banking platform.

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