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When considering IT investments and strategy, many MFIs are recognizing the critical role of ongoing support services in achieving their desired outcomes.  Services are the difference in a successful implementation and a failed one; a useful IT system and an ineffectual one.  But services are only as good as the people who provide them. 


Attracting and retaining technology talent is one of the greatest challenges to successful IT operations in the microfinance sector.  Outsourcing to MicroPlanet’s highly experienced technology specialists provides stability and consistency for our partner MFIs and reduces the risks associated with high turnover of in-house technology personnel.


Effective utilization of technology is critical to the success of microfinance institutions.  MicroPlanet specializes in selecting and deploying such technologies in the microfinance sector, but the story only begins with the purchase of hardware and software.  These technologies are only as good as the services that support them.