Infrastructure Support

Implementations & Upgrades

Our team has over 10 years of experience implementing core banking software packages at microfinance institutions around the globe.  We have also completed many successful Temenos T24 system upgrades, utilizing our deep knowledge of the various Temenos versions to guide our partner MFIs through the complexities of the upgrade process.  Our skilled implementation and upgrade team includes project managers, business analysts, developers and trainers who work with MFIs to ensure that requirements are met at a cost that is affordable to the microfinance sector.

Network Support

We’re used to working with the challenges of network connectivity in developing countries. Our team of experts can provide the following services:

  1. Assistance in setting up secure and well-tuned network connections between head-office and bank branches.

  2. Assistance with connecting to the Internet or setting up an Intranet or local area network.

  3. Tools to monitor MFI networks and advice on how they can be optimized

Front-End Technology Integration (Mobile, ATM, Biometrics, Point-of-Sale)

We specialize in the implementation and integration of all types of remote banking technologies, including mobile phone banking, biometric-enabled cards, ATMs and point-of-sale devices.  While many focus on the valuable capabilities and reach of these front-end technologies, MicroPlanet also focuses on the critical integration required to tie these technologies back to the MFI’s central banking platforms, a requirement that is often underestimated in terms of both its importance and its complexity.

System Hosting

MicroPlanet provides a secure, fast and reliable environment for MFIs to host their business systems. Our centralised hosting facility offers the peace of mind of knowing that valuable business systems and data reside on the latest server technologies. As the MFI’s business grows, our hosting systems will grow with it to match the need.

Disaster Recovery Protection

If disaster strikes we’re there to help. Our tried and trusted disaster recovery processes can help MFIs in the following ways:

  1. We take regular backups of our clients’ data and store it in a highly secure environment.

  2. We ensure that each client’s data is available when they need it and can also assist in getting systems restored and up and running as quickly as possible in times of crisis.

Servers & Computer Hardware

It’s a fine balance between keeping up with advances in technology and getting the most out of what clients already have. We have the knowledge to advise MFIs on all of the latest hardware technology and its relevance in the microfinance operational context.

Software License Management

Our close relationship with key software providers enables us to acquire software licences at a much lower cost than most MFIs could achieve on their own. This is particularly the case when using our hosting services which allows us to help clients drive down the cost of software licences.  We are also able to help MFIs manage their software licences to stay in compliance with licence agreements, providing audit reports to vendors when requested.

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